Jennifer after a practice at the Timex Sports ComplexJC has been an active runner her entire life.  After being recruited to specialize in 5- and 10-kilometer races at Jacksonville University she used that fitness to continue her success in longer distance racing after graduation.  In December 2000, she completed her first Marathon, finishing as the 2nd overall female and earning a spot in the Boston Marathon.

In 2005, on a dare from a friend Jennifer reluctantly entered the triathlon world.  On a borrowed unbranded bicycle, she raced her first triathlon. Rumor has it she was the last person out of the water, but used her solid bike and run legs to win the novice division and finish 9th overall. That dare has blossomed into to five Ironman finishes to include three Kona berths, 18 Half-Ironmans to include three world championship berths, and countless other triathlon accolades.

Over the years, she has been blessed to represent different teams along the journey. Past triathlon teams include Snickers Multisport, City Cycle bicycles, and 110% Elite Triathlon team. In 2012, after six years of hard work, Jennifer was invited to become an member of the Timex Multisport’s Team. This blog covers her journey while on the team and beyond.

JC currently coaches for Endurance Concepts.